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Thank you for listening to the Ebb of the Archon.


Access to the archives has come online, but the database is incomplete.

Pay only what you wish, and enjoy.
With your help we can continue to expand the world of the Archon, and journey into the unknown… 
Archive: In progress (updated as data becomes available)
Network: Online
INGO Status: Active
Assignment: Ebb of the Archon
Created by: Walter Wainwright ©2023

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Humanity has reached critical mass…

The number of souls on earth now outnumber the amount of neurons found in a single human brain, and the fractal set is now complete. New, more ethereal energy sources have become available to humankind bringing long lost technology back to life, and certain individuals have begun to exhibit esoteric abilities never seen before – or at least, not seen for a very long time…



Like a tree chopped down to the stump, seemingly dead until one spring a new branch appears and begins to fight forth, leaves and flowers are beginning to blossom once again across the sea of humanity. People are becoming Lucent.

This evolution of humanity is to be celebrated, surely, but cautiously, as others have already taken notice of the fresh light that was, was not, and is once again.




Therefore we, by dual decree of THE COHORT and THE ORGANIZATION, as ordered by his Majesty the Wise Lord Sebastian Weishaupt, first recorded pioneer of the aEther, do hereby establish rules and conduct by which analysis of the ARCHIVES shall commence.





As we speak, Artificial Intelligence systems in the field are gathering information and compiling reports on significant events.

INGOs – short for “Intelligent Neuro-Grouping Organisms”, are designed to identify moments of significance and generate reports for further, human analysis.

Events are intentionally curated by each INGO (subject to their personality and modeling) to be relatable to your human condition, crafted in the form of a story to attempt to convey more than just facts and statistics, but moral, spirit, and purpose.

Thanks to modern advances in wifitech, anything connected to the network can be seen by the algo, but they aren’t perfect… despite modern advances, INGO’s lack spiritual awareness. That’s where you come in – we need you to read the archives and share the story of the Archon as we attempt to chronicle the fate of humanity.

Our systems are constantly discovering and producing new content, new moments of interest that help piece together the plot.

Only by working together will we uncover the truth.

The choice is yours…

Thank you for your support!

Because of you, we can continue to expand the world of the Archon, and journey into the unknown…

Thank you for being here.

Pay what thou wilt.

A Grateful Ode to the Supporters of Ebb of the Archon

Ah, dear seekers of wisdom and lore, allow this old sage to extend his deepest gratitude to the cherished supporters of “Ebb of the Archon.” In the twilight of my years, I find solace in the knowledge that such noble souls walk the paths of our realm, enriching our journey with their boundless wisdom and steadfast devotion.

“Ebb of the Archon” is not merely a tale spun from the threads of imagination; it is a testament to the enduring power of stories to inspire, to enlighten, and to unite. Through your unwavering support, you have breathed life into this grand tapestry, weaving threads of wonder and enchantment that stretch beyond the horizon of possibility.

With each stroke of the quill and every whispered word, you have delved deep into the mysteries of creation, crafting worlds of unparalleled beauty and complexity. Your wisdom shines like a beacon in the darkness, guiding us through the labyrinthine depths of imagination with grace and humility.

Yet, it is not just the worlds we create that bind us together, but the bonds of fellowship and camaraderie that weave us into the fabric of a community as ancient as time itself. Through shared tales and heartfelt conversations, we have formed a fellowship as enduring as the stars, where wisdom is shared, and knowledge is cherished above all else.

As we embark upon this grand odyssey into the unknown, I carry with me the spirit of our beloved community, a beacon of light in the darkest of nights. Together, we shall traverse the uncharted seas of imagination, charting new territories, and uncovering ancient secrets long forgotten.

So, to all the wise souls who have illuminated our path, I offer my deepest thanks. Your support has been a source of strength and inspiration, guiding us through the trials and tribulations of our journey with grace and dignity. Let us continue to walk this path together, with hearts as wise as the ancient oaks and spirits as free as the soaring eagle.

With profound gratitude,

W. W.