Event 7 – Flight Into the Unknown

Event 7 – Flight Into the Unknown

With speed and grit, the scene burst to life as Annie gripped the wheel, her focus sharp as a hawk’s gaze. The engine roared like a beast unleashed, propelling the SUV through the streets with purpose.

Rose, noticing that their driver was preoccupied, urged Annie to put down her phone and concentrate on the road.

Annie ignored Rose, she had her own orders to fulfill. She finished dialing her phone and slipped a Bluetooth into her ear, a wormhole to an already urgent conversation.

Rose wriggled into the front seat and used the extra leg room to reach her handcuffs beneath her feet to the front of her body, and allow her hands to rest much more comfortably in her lap. While in route, Annie provided The coveted Organization a verbal report of their current situation; she told of the accidental procurement of Theodore, the direct fire at Rose’s house, and now the perilous flight away from danger and into the unknown. Annie’s tone on the phone caused the atmosphere to lay heavy with the weight of their impending predicament.

Theodore, having seen Rose’s clever maneuver to sit correctly, also attempted to bring his hands to the front of his body. However, he was much, much larger and he struggled to get his wrists around his hips. The task was much harder than he expected, having to contort and leverage his body against itself. Rose observed him over her shoulder with amusement, letting the struggle play out without intervention.

Suddenly, Rose’s tranquil demeanor shattered like glass dropped on an annoyingly hard tile floor. Her eyes fixated on Annie, and her voice pierced the air in a shrill scream, a desperate demand to find another way. Rose closed her eyes to focus, to use her gift of clairvoyance and see within her mind.

Rose shrieked at the top of her lungs, “45%!” Her voice aghast with emotion as she awoke from her trance and came crashing back into reality. It was a race against time and reason, a struggle between calculated risk and fear of the afterlife.

They had made their way to a small town by the river. The moment bore fruit on the corner of 42nd and Jefferson Street as Annie maneuvered the car into a narrow alleyway and stared into the dead end ahead.

Rose’s desperation deepened, she yanked on the door handle, trying to escape while the car was motionless, but Annie had the child-locks engaged and denied her exit. Theodore, who had finally managed to right-side his hands, remained an outsider to the unfolding drama in the front seats.

“Please Annie, don’t do this, those maps are ancient,” but Rose’s pleas landed on deaf ears as Annie accelerated towards the tall brick wall that stood at the end of the street. Seeing the encroaching wall, Theodore echoed Rose’s alarm, but Annie remained resolute in her course.

As they sped forward, just as they hit what should have been certain death, the wall dissolved before their very eyes; a veil pulled back to reveal a paradise of color and serenity. A smile cut across Annie’s face as they barreled through the gate, their ears whomped and rang as they jumped 1200 miles away into a field, seemingly in the middle of nowhere.

The quiet beauty enveloped them, a balm for their frayed nerves. The contrast was stark, from the speeding chaos to the tranquil rustling of grass and the soft whispers of a breeze.

Annie threw her hands into the air and let out a loud hoot of joy. She looked back at Theodore with a devilish glint in her eye. “Super old tech’ she said, “the gate is only solid to objects moving slower than 88 miles per hour.” Annie’s eyes shone with new life as though she had been reborn.

Annie tried to start the engine but the battery was completely dead. “We walk,” she said and stepped into the flowery field.

Event 6 Archived by: Arthur INGO

Event 6 Archived by: Arthur INGO

The tropical air was thick with humidity as the small plane continued its descent. Inside the cramped cockpit, Oscar, their newly recruited pilot, gripped the controls with Damien at his side. Thomas sat alone in the rear. The sky above them was a canvas of vibrant blues and subtle hints of orange as the sun sank raced them into the horizon.

Damien’s voice crackled through the radio, “That’s it up ahead.” But as the canopy broke and dense brush of the jungle floor came into view, confusion washed across Oscar’s face. “Where? I don’t see an airfield anywhere,” he replied, his tone tinged with bewilderment.

A wry smile tugged at the corner of Damien’s lips as he leaned back in his seat. “Did I say ‘airfield’?” He feigned contemplation, his words carrying a note of mischievousness. “There is definitely going to be a field…”

Oscar’s heart raced, and a sheen of sweat coated his brow. The realization dawned on him, like a sudden jolt of electricity. “We don’t have enough gas to turn around,” he breathed, urgency and horror colored his voice. He stole a quick glance at Thomas, who sat in the backseat with a calm exterior that belied the turmoil within.

“We’re going to crash,” Oscar’s voice trembled, his fear echoing through the cockpit.

“No, we’re not,” Damien replied, his confidence unwavering. “We’re just going to land… violently.”

As the plane descended, tension hung in the air like a heavy fog. Oscar’s grip on the controls tightened, his knuckles white as he navigated the impending disaster. The wheels touched the ground, but the landing gear crumbled beneath the force, and the left wing dug into the earth. The plane careened onto its side, sending shockwaves through the cockpit.

Fear and chaos erupted within the confined space as the plane shuddered and broke apart around them. The deafening noise of tearing metal mingled with Oscar’s terrified yells and the jarring vibrations that resonated through their bodies. Every breath felt like an eternity as the plane skidded to a halt, the forced landing leaving them dazed but miraculously alive.

Oscar raged, his furious gaze locked onto Damien. He had been lured into a perilous situation, manipulated by half-truths. Damien, on the other hand, grinned like a child who had just experienced the wildest ride of their life. The adrenaline still coursed through his veins, his exhilaration eclipsing any concerns for their safety.

Thomas, however, wore a mask of mixed emotions. Gratitude for having survived warred with the gnawing dread that had taken root in his gut. He had followed Damien through countless risks, but this time, it felt different. The line between adventure and recklessness was blurring, and the consequences seemed more real than ever before.

Emerging from the wreckage, the trio stepped onto the jungle floor, a mix of adrenaline, fear, and determination pulsing through their veins. The dense vegetation enveloped them, and the humid air clung to their skin. The path ahead was uncertain, a journey fraught with danger and secrets waiting to be unveiled. As they ventured into the heart of the unknown, the tangled vines and looming trees seemed to echo the web of choices and consequences that lay ahead.

Event 5 – Into the Frying Pan; Narrated by: Arthur INGO

Event 5 – Into the Frying Pan; Narrated by: Arthur INGO

In the encroaching darkness, Theodore and Rose hurried along the narrow path, their steps echoing the rhythmic beating of their hearts. The day had taken an unexpected turn for them both, the tendrils of danger tightening around them. As they rounded the bend, the sight before them sent shockwaves of adrenaline through their blood – a raging inferno engulfing Rose’s home, and among the roaring flames sat Theodore’s stolen car, consumed by the fires in its entirety.

Their feet carried them forward, drawn by the raw instinct to confront the chaos that now played out before them like a stage. The blinding blue and red light’s painted a scene of urgency and dread. An impenetrable security line barred their passage, holding them at bay in the face of devastation.

Rose’s desperation was tangible as she attempted to breach the barrier, each futile attempt a testament to her determination. But the flames were not the only danger that lurked in the shadows. A figure clad in black, the manifestation of Theodore’s fear loomed on the edges of his perception. The thief in the night that had bound him before threatened to tighten her grip once more.

As Theodore and Rose recognized the predator on the edge of the chaos, they saw their escape path closing in around them. A daring plan formed in the crucible of their shared plight, they would fight, not for their freedom, but for their survival. With a fierce determination, they turned violent on the police officers, engaging in a vivacious struggle that blurred the lines between right and wrong, they attacked the peace keepers in blue.

Rose was the primary instigator, her small size made it difficult for the officers to subdue her, but eventually they laid their hands on Rose and Theodore both and confined them in a back of a squad car lockup.

The back of the police car was a suffocating cocoon, a humid entrapment that muffled the chaos from outside. The stagnant air was heavy with the scent of fear and feet. Theodore and Rose found themselves trapped within the confines of the musky vehicle. Their breaths were shallow, their gazes locked in a tense exchange of understanding. Out of the fire and into the frying pan….

With the world muted beyond the windows, their conversation was a whispered dance of uncertainty. “What now?” Rose’s voice stern with the weight of their predicament. Theodore did not respond.

But fate has a way of turning the tide. Explosions echoed through the night as a new force emerged to disrupt their captors. The woman in black, once their greatest threat, now faced a barrage of challenges from many angles. A web of chaos wove itself around them, the very air crackling with tension energy.

A glaring blue orb formed and slowly pulsed above the pavement. Reaching out to anything that came too close and consuming it with electricity. It’s sparkled and throbbed as it glided through the squad cars and firetrucks, leaving charred flesh and spiritless bodies in its wake.

In the midst of this tumult, Rose’s intuition flared to life. A burst of insight guided her, and with her voice carrying a note of urgency, she forewarned Theodore. The shattered window bore testament to her premonition, and just in time, they turned away, protecting their eyes from the impending blast that shattered every inch of the windows that surrounded them.

The impact wave left Theo and Rose stunned and deafened, but safe inside the back of the police car.

Then, all of a sudden a black SUV, an unexpected lifeline, pulled up beside them, and Rose’s instincts sprang into action once more. With hands still bound behind her back, she launched herself out of the shattered window, her ambition carrying her through the pain of a grisly impact on shattered glass. A moment later, Theodore followed suit, even less gracefully, but the urgency of the situation overriding his own pain and discomfort.

Inside the waiting vehicle, Annie, their savior, was a portrait of calm in the eye of the storm. Her voice carried the weight of authority as she issued one simple command, “Hang on.” The engine roared to life, and the SUV squealed away from the fiery circumstance.

Event 4 – A Chamber of Secrets, by: Arthur INGO

Event 4 – A Chamber of Secrets, by: Arthur INGO

Amid the misty rain, Damien stood before an unassuming cellar door, its old wooden boards moving as smoothly as a whisper. The very sight of it seemed to hold a promise of the unknown. And behind that door lay an underground realm, a resonance chamber that held the power to defy reality itself.

Deep within the chamber, in the midst of flickering torchlight, four figures gathered in the heart of darkness. Damien, Thomas, Sir Leblanc and his ward, Ross, each brought their own shadows to dance upon the stone walls. The room held an air of ancient power, a place where clandestine meetings whispered truths too dangerous to be shared in the light of day.

The weight of a missing presence hung in the room. “Where’s my son?” Sir William Leblanc Senior’s voice bellowed with concern, demanding answers that remained elusive.

“Your son was a liability,” Damien’s voice cut through the air, each word heavy from that which was left unsaid.

But secrets within secrets came to light. Thomas gave his report, the package had been delivered, an incantation woven like a fragile thread uttered just at the right time. Thomas’s voice trembled as he informed them of the details of his successful mission to the monastery. He had delivered the relic to the monks along with the proper paces to complete their summon…

Questions loomed like shadows, skepticism crept into the corners of their conversation. “Is the relic even authentic?” Ross’s voice quivered, his doubts brushing against their fragile unity.

“We paid double at private auction…” Thomas’s voice wavered, punctuating his words. The tension was palpable, a testament to what was at stake.

Frustration simmered, a tempest threatening to erupt. “I paid double at auction!” Leblanc Senior’s voice thundered through the chamber, a storm of anger and desperation. “Now, where is my son?!”

The storm broke. The entire room seemed to hold its breath as Damien pounced forward and his hands closed around Leblanc’s throat. Le Blanc’s struggles were both frantic and futile.

Another life was extinguished, the silence that followed carried the weight of a moment, irrevocably changed.

A gasp of horror escaped Ross, but Damien’s gaze was unyielding. Ross’s fate was sealed, an ending he had perhaps always known was inevitable. In an act of mercy, Damien’s sword fell, severing the ties between Ross and his vessel. Damien was quick, a sire’s fate was not of his own choosing, and Ross’s end was swift.

In the aftermath, silence reigned. The room, once a sanctuary of secrets, bore witness to the stark reality of their choices. Yet, amidst the stillness, truth emerged. “You finally found it,” Thomas’s voice pierced the silence, the stone clutched in Damien’s hand holding the promise of untold power.

The stone exchanged hands, a silent notion of trust. Secrets, power, and desire intertwined, their destinies converging in that timeless chamber from which they sat out on their never ending Journey together. As they departed from the shadows into the world beyond, the weight of their choices hung heavy upon them.

Event 3.3 – A Curious Tale Cont’d, by: Arthur INGO

Event 3.3 – A Curious Tale Cont’d, by: Arthur INGO

In the hearth-room of Annie’s house, Theodore’s voice wove a tale that danced between reality and the extraordinary. Rose and Annie listened, their expressions a mixture of skeptical disbelief and cautious intrigue. After all, Rose possessed her own unique powers, so the idea of the extraordinary wasn’t foreign to them. However, the concept of a starportal, a phenomenon that fused time and space allowing one to pass through, seemed to push the boundaries of even their imagination.

“I promise, I’m telling the truth,” Theodore said, the urgency in his voice hinting at the seriousness of his words. Annie’s arched eyebrow betrayed her incredulity, prompting him to continue his narrative but Annie took the lead, her voice steady as she explained her affiliation with “The Organization.”

Annie’s transparency in discussing how they monitored people with unique abilities was a revelation that Theodore found both creepy and strangely comforting. In this hidden realm, where extraordinary was the norm, the boundaries of sanity were blurred. “Crazy,” Annie remarked with a wry smile, “is just part of the job.”

In the midst of their conversation, distant sirens wailed. No one in the room noticed.

Annie continued, explaining the device which she called an archive, – a watch-like gadget worn on the wrist that captured stories and events of significance with the help of a few watchers. The archive was a sentinel, listening to the darkness for echoes of the extraordinary.

Theodore’s fingers traced the contours of the device, an unnatural connection forming between him, Annie, and the mysterious organization she represented.

As the tale wound to its precipice, Rose’s impatience got the best of her. “Finish your story,” she demanded, her voice a mixture of urgency and intrigue. Her gaze locked onto Theodore, her curiosity insatiable.

Theodore cleared his throat, drawing a deep breath to steady himself. “I managed to escape with help,” he admitted, his words carrying the weight of a memory etched in fire. “The blonde girl, she helped me, and then everything spun into chaos.”

He recounted the blurred frenzy of the fight between the cat-like human and the woman in black. His words painted a swirling picture, the clash of strength and strategy interwoven like a tapestry of conflict. The moments were carved into his mind, as vivid as the reality he had lived. Theodore’s eyes flickered, drawn to the memory of the blonde girl freeing him from his restraints.

“How did you get a car then?” Rose interjected.

Theodore’s lips curled in. “The portal spit me out behind a store, and I stole an old ladies car while she was loading her groceries.”

Annie and Rose looked at each other.

“It wasn’t my best moment,” Theodore trailed off.

Annie’s gaze held a warmth that contrasted with the mysteries she represented. “You’re not alone in this, Theodore,” she assured him. The archive lay on his wrist, It symbolized a bridge between worlds, a path that held promise.

The trio’s shared moment was punctuated by the distant wail of sirens, a reminder that the world outside held its own secrets and uncertainties. As Theodore’s story unfolded, the boundaries of his reality expanded, and the promise of the unknown called to him, like a beckoning whisper echoing through the corridors of fate.

Event 3.1 – A Curious Tale, by: Arthur INGO

Event 3.1 – A Curious Tale, by: Arthur INGO

Within the shadows of the unknown, Rose and her shirtless companion embarked on a journey that would shatter the boundaries of reality. The cold air swept around them as they walked the narrow path, the crunch of fallen leaves beneath their feet echoing like a distant memory. Their destination lay a mile away, at Annie’s humble abode.

Annie’s house stood on the edge of the neighborhood, a peculiar blend of Victorian architecture and modern eccentricities. As Rose and the young man arrived, unease gnawed at their senses. Rose, a tempest of determination, wasted no time and forcefully pushed the door open, her eyes ablaze with a mixture of anger and anxiety. The young man, still unnamed, followed her, his heart pounding like a captive bird against the cage of his ribs.

“Annie, I need you now!” Rose’s voice reverberated through the dimly lit foyer.

Annie Wellerton, a composed figure with an air of mystery, appeared from the shadows. Her calm demeanor juxtaposed the turmoil that had entered her domain. She stepped forward, her soothing voice an anchor in the storm. “Rose, my dear, what on earth is the matter.”

In Annie’s tranquil presence, Rose’s agitation began to spill forth. She spoke of her ability, one that had always reliably guided her but now had inexplicably faltered in the presence of this stranger who almost ran her over. Her words tumbled like leaves in the wind, carrying with them the weight of confusion and disbelief.

As Rose poured out her heart, the young man stood there like a statue. His eyes, though devoid of visible emotion, held a storm of their own within. He listened to the words, the reality of the situation unraveling before him like a forbidden truth.

And then, a dam broke within him. His stoic mask shattered, and tears, like liquid diamonds, traced the contours of his cheeks. “What is going on?” he finally uttered, his voice was firm, a call for understanding in a world gone awry.

Annie and Rose shared a glance, two guardians of secrets coming together to illuminate a bewildered soul. With a synchronicity that only long years of companionship could forge, they recounted the tale. Annie explained her affiliation with The Organization, the mission to observe individuals with newfound abilities once thought impossible, their pursuit of truth amidst the chaos of evolution, and they were now on the precipice of fate. The truth tumbled out, one revelation after another.

“I’ll be right back,” Annie said before disappearing into the depths of her abode, reemerging just moments later with three items in hand, a shirt that held the promise of comfort, flip flops for a journey yet taken, and a watch, a symbol that whispered of clandestine intent and hidden truths. As she handed these tokens to the young man, a glimmer of purpose ignited in his eyes.

“It will help keep an eye on you,” Annie said in confirmation of what the gift truly meant. She leaned over and hovered her phone over the watch until it sounded the alert that sync was complete.

With the esoteric watch now activated and secured on Theodore’s wrist, a relic of his sublime initiation, Theodore Burzinsky stood at the precipice of a new existence. Rose’s gaze bore into him, a fusion of encouragement and solemnity. Annie, a testament to the path he now tread, laid a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

“You must share your story now,” Annie’s words were a gentle decree, a contract of the symbiotic bond between those who observed and those who were themself observed.

As the young man took a deep breath, he felt the weight of the world and the mysteries it held. A profound stillness settled within him, the calm before a storm of revelations. With Annie and Rose by his side, he embarked on a cognitive journey that would redefine his understanding of reality, magic, and the very essence of his being.