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In a land not too far away, lived a girl named Rose and a boy without a name. They walked together, covering a distance of about one mile, until they arrived at a house that belonged to a woman named Annie. Rose was strong-minded, and without hesitation, she entered Annie’s house, demanding to know who the boy was.

Rose started talking, her words filled with frustration. She said her special ability didn’t work when the boy was around, and she wasn’t sure if he was real. Annie tried to calm Rose down and soothe her worries. The boy’s name is Theodore, Theodore Burzinsky.

Theodore, quiet and without much expression, observed Rose and Annie silently. However, his emotions eventually overwhelmed him. Tears streamed down his face as he asked what was happening. He needed someone to help him understand.

Annie and Rose joined forces to reassure him. They shared the secret of The Organization, a hidden group Annie was part of. This organization had the task of watching over people like Rose (and now Theodore), and other people who had special abilities beginning to blossom. Their aim was to learn about these powers and provide assistance to those who had them. Though many questions remained, their main purpose was to help others.

Annie disappeared briefly and returned with a few items for the boy. She gave him a shirt, some soft flip flops, and a unique watch-like gadget called a warchive. This warchive could keep track of important moments and details.

With the boy now equipped, Annie and Rose informed him that it was time for him to share his own story. He took a deep breath, his heart pounding with a mixture of nervousness and anticipation. With Annie and Rose by his side, he felt ready to open up and begin this new chapter of his life.

Event 1 – The Unforeseen Event, by: Beatrice INGO

Event 1 – The Unforeseen Event, by: Beatrice INGO

In a world where secrets whispered on the wind carried hidden truths, a young girl named Rosalyn Tidwell held a power unlike any other. She could glimpse into the future, a magical ability that seemed like a shimmering dream. To humanity, she was more important than all the stars in the sky, for the destiny of all rested within her hands.

One sunny day, as Rosalyn zipped through the neighborhood on her bicycle, something extraordinary happened. With a heart full of zeal, she released her grip on the handlebars, closed her eyes, and stretched her arms wide like a bird ready to take flight. But fate, like a mischievous puppeteer, had other plans.

Suddenly, a car appeared, its horn blaring and tires screeching like a banshee’s cry. Rose’s heart raced as she tumbled from her bike, her knee meeting the hard ground in agony. Blood trickled from the scrape, staining her skin a vivid red.

As the dust settled, a mysterious figure emerged from the driver’s seat – a young man, shirtless and barefoot, standing behind the safety of his car door. Rose’s eyes met his, and an electric spark of curiosity passed between them. She mustered the courage to speak, her voice quivering like a leaf in the wind, “Who are you?”

The young man’s response danced on the edge of a whisper, “That’s a long story,” he said.

Rose’s heart raced, her mystical powers failing her for the first time in her life. She felt like a firefly whose light had dimmed, lost in the darkness of the void. Fear, surprise, and frustration clashed within her, a swirling storm of emotions that left her breathless and bewildered.

Summoning her courage, Rose engaged the young man in a direct conversation, unraveling the mystery of his presence one question at a time. “So you’re just driving around?” she asked, her gaze steady despite her inner turmoil.

“Yeah,” he replied, his voice a mixture of uncertainty and a touch of wanderlust.

A desperate need to regain her lost power welled up within Rose. She focused her mind, attempting to see the man’s future, but her vision remained cloudy, like a fog that refused to lift. The realization of her powerlessness hit her like a thunderbolt, leaving her shaken and vulnerable.

Undeterred by her own limitations, Rose seized control of the situation. With a determined gesture, she swung open the car door, ready to embark on an adventure that defied all logic. But fate had another twist in store – a flat tire, a glaring reminder of their near-miss collision.

Rose’s spirit remained unbroken. “This way,” she commanded, pointing down the road with a fierce determination. “Follow me.”

And to her surprise, the young man, like a ship caught in a mysterious current, chose to follow her lead. As they ventured forth, a bond formed between the unlikely pair – a young girl and a man shrouded in enigma. In the annals of the universe, where destiny’s threads were woven in the most unexpected of patterns, this encounter would stand as a testament to the inexplicable, the extraordinary, and the enduring power of a single, daring choice.