Event 9 Archived by: Charlie INGO

Event 9 Archived by: Charlie INGO

Annie, Rose, and Theo were explorers, and they were on a special adventure in a dense forest. As they walked along, they saw a man sitting on a fallen tree. He had a blue bird on his shoulder that moved in the breeze, and his beard was full of critters!

YUCK! It made Rose feel a bit squirmy.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” the man said with a twinkle in his eye. He looked old, but his voice sounded young.

“Did the Organization call you?” Annie asked, sounding like she knew something important.

The man laughed a little. “Nope, I heard you all coming. You were making quite a ruckus in the woods. The birds told me!” He smiled, and some birds nearby chirped happily.

Then, the man stood up and started walking. “Are you coming?” he asked, looking back at them.

Annie, Rose, and Theo followed him, and after a while, they found something amazing. At first, it looked like a hole in the ground, but when they looked closely, it was like a doorway to another world! Animals were everywhere, rabbits, squirrels, and even birds.

“Wow!” Rose gasped as she looked around, her eyes wide with wonder.

The man showed them to a table covered with delicious food. There were fruits and vegetables, mushrooms, and yummy things from the forest. Everything looked so tasty, and the best part was that no animals were hurt to make the food. It was a magical feast!

As they ate, they didn’t talk much, but then Rose couldn’t keep her curiosity in check any longer. “So, why are we here?” she asked the man.

He smiled kindly. “I’m here because of a prophecy, my dear.”

Rose used her insight to gleaned the words, “When the serpent leads the lamb astray…”

The man finished the prophecy in a hushed tone. “The Drogan will emerge.”

“You mean dragon?” Theo asked

“No, ‘Drogan'” the woodsman said again.

Rose’s brow furrowed, grappling with the meaningless words.

Theo looked a bit puzzled too, but he was more interested in the cool staff the man had in the corner of the room. “What’s that staff for?” he asked.

The man chuckled. “That staff helps us do something special. We can shift to a different place, but in the same time. It’s like magic!”

Annie nodded, her eyes focused. “A phase shift,” she said with a knowing smile.

Theo scratched his head, a bit confused. “Phase shift? What’s that?”

The man patted Theo’s shoulder. “It’s like changing where we are without really moving. Imagine dipping your finger in water and feeling its temperature – it’s like that, but with where we are. Same place, difference space.”

Annie seemed a bit skeptical, but she knew they had no other choice.

The druid smiled and asked them to follow him into a small hallway. He had a voice like the wind in the trees. The friends were puzzled but decided to do as he said. They walked around a corner and into a small room.

But then, the druid remembered something important and walked back the way they came, saying he would be back in a moment and closed the door behind him. The three friends waited in the small room for what felt like a very long time. It got hot in there because they were so close together.

Suddenly, the door opened, and they were surprised. When they looked outside, they saw that everything had changed. The table that had been full of food was now empty and covered in spiderwebs and dust, like no one had been there for a long, long time.

The druid was gone, and the forest outside was different. The colorful leaves and lively animals they had seen before were gone. The forest looked dull and boring.

“Are we back?” Annie asked after a moment.

“You’ll see,” Annie said as she led them out of the forest.

They followed the path that had brought them to the druid, and it took them out of the forest. But what they found outside was amazing. Instead of colorful flowers, there was a large monastery where Monks in robes were taking care of beautiful gardens, and everything looked peaceful and special.

The place was more beautiful than they could imagine, showing what people can do when they take care of things very carefully. Annie, Rose, and Theo had discovered a magical world where the forest led to a place of happiness and calm.

Event 6 Archived by: Charlie INGO

Event 6 Archived by: Charlie INGO

Once upon a time, there were three people on a plane – Damien, Thomas, and Oscar. They were flying over a pretty sunset, but things were about to get crazy.

Damien, the one in charge, said, “We’re almost there!” But when they looked out, there were trees and jungle, not an airport like they thought. “Where’s the place to land?” asked Oscar, the pilot.

Damien chuckled, “Did I forget to say it’s not a regular landing spot? But don’t worry, there’s a field…”

Oscar started to feel worried. “We can’t go back now,” he said, looking at Thomas, who was trying to stay calm.

“We’re going to crash!” Oscar said, scared about what was coming.

Damien wasn’t scared at all. “Nah, we’ll just land… violently”.

The plane came down, and it was really shaky. Oscar held onto the controls tight. The wheels hit the ground, but the plane’s bottom broke instantly, and the wing hit the dirt. The plane tilted and began to tear apart.

Things were chaotic inside the plane. It was loud and wild, parts of the plane were falling off, and it felt like a big roller coaster. Somehow, they made it through, though they were shaken.

Oscar was mad at Damien. He didn’t like being tricked into this dangerous situation. But Damien seemed excited. Thomas stayed in the rear of the convoy, feeling mixed up. He was glad they were safe, but he also felt like they were in trouble.

They all got out of the broken plane and stood in the jungle. It was really hot and sticky. They didn’t know what was next, but they were ready to face anything. As they walked into the thick forest, they knew they were stepping into a world full of secrets and adventures they hadn’t even imagined.

Event 5 Archived by: Charlie INGO

Event 5 Archived by: Charlie INGO

Theodore and Rose walked back to Roses house. They turned a corner and saw Rose’s house on fire! It was a scary sight. Fire trucks and police cars were there, but they couldn’t go closer. Rose tried to get past the security line, but she couldn’t. The cops held her back.

Theodore noticed a person in black. He felt worried. The people who had taken him before, were back. He felt trapped. Rose and Theodore knew they had to do something. They decided to fight the police so they could get arrested by the good guys and not caught by the bad guys.

They struggled with the police to cause trouble, trying to get away, but not really. They toyed with the police until they were finally caught them. They were put into the back of a police car. The police officer was talking, but they couldn’t hear him through the closed door.

Inside the car, it was hot and cramped. They were trapped, there was no way out.

“Now what?” Rose asked.

Theodore didn’t know what to do. He was scared.

Suddenly, there were explosions and Rose’s insight told her one was coming close. She warned Theodore just in time. The car windows shattered into tiny pieces, but they were safe.

A black SUV pulled up next to them. It was their chance to escape. Rose jumped out of the broken window, even with her hands still tied. Theodore followed her, less gracefully… and they both climbed headfirst into the SUV.

Annie was driving the SUV. She was calm and told them to hold on. The car sped away from the chaos, leaving the fire and danger behind.

The wind rushed past them as they left the troubles behind. They sat quietly for awhile, speechless.

Theodore tried not to cry.

Event 1 Archived by: Charlie INGO

Event 1 Archived by: Charlie INGO

Once upon a time, in a world of magic and wonder, there was a special girl named Rosalyn Tidwell. She had a superpower – she could see into the future when she focused! This made her really important to all the people in the universe.

One sunny day, Rosalyn was riding her bike down the street. She thought it would be fun to ride without holding onto the handlebars. So, she closed her eyes, stretched out her arms, and smiled big.

But oh no! A car came honking and screeching! It swirled just in time to miss hitting Rosalyn. Her bike crashed, and her knee got hurt. Ouch! There she was, standing up with a hurt knee, feeling scared and surprised.

Then, a man appeared. He didn’t have a shirt on, and his feet were showing because he stood behind his car door. Rosalyn looked at him with big eyes. “Who are you? Where did you come from?” she asked.

The man answered, “That’s a long story. Honestly, I don’t even know where I am right now.”

Rosalyn felt something strange. She usually knew things about people, but she couldn’t see this man’s future. She felt scared and a little confused, like when you lose your favorite toy.

She talked to the man, asking him questions. “So you’re just driving around?” she wondered.

“Yep,” the man said, his voice a bit unsure.

Rosalyn tried really hard to use her power, but she couldn’t see what would happen to the man. She felt worried and didn’t like feeling powerless.

But Rosalyn was brave. She opened the car door and wanted to get inside. But oh my, the front tire was flat! The man must have hit the curb. Rosalyn closed the door and pointed down the road.

“Let’s go this way,” she said, showing the man where to go.

And guess what? The man followed her! Rosalyn thought it was funny that the man with no shoes and no shirt would listen to her, a little girl. It was a very strange and important moment, like a puzzle piece that didn’t quite fit.

As they walked down the road together, Rosalyn knew that even though she couldn’t see everything, she could still make things happen. She felt strong and proud, like a superhero going on a new adventure. And so, with each step, they set off on a journey full of mystery and surprises, ready to discover what the future held for them.

Event 2 Archived by: Charlie INGO

Event 2 Archived by: Charlie INGO

Some time ago lived Damien. He didn’t have a last name anymore because he had lived for a very long time and each century was more awkward than the one before.

Damien was on a big adventure to find something called the “ark.” This ark was a coveted stone that had something very important inside.

Today, Damien found the stone. It smelled like iron and earth, and he knew. He smelled something that reminded him of someone he knew. There was a memory in the smell.

Damien had a companion named Sir Albert Le Blanc. Sir Albert was young and rich, but he acted like he knew everything. He walked with Damien on this adventure. They were kind of like a team, but not the best of friends.

As Damien held the stone, something changed inside him. He made a choice, a big choice. Sir Albert kept talking and talking and talking and talking and talking, not noticing what was about to happen.

Then, in a quick moment, Damien did the unthinkable. He did something that stopped Sir Albert from talking forever. Like hitting the pause button on a record player Damien plunged his sword GraGory into Le Blanc’s flesh.

Everything was quiet. Sir Albert’s Le Blanc struggled, but the force of Damien had removed his final breath, his voice was gone forever.

Damien, much more at ease, turned his attention to securing the stone, and began the journey home.