Damien, Thomas, and Oscar were falling into darkness. Thomas led the way, then Oscar, and Damien was the last. Mist obscured their view from one another, but there were screams and cries from below followed by the sound of a grotesque impact. There was a stomach churning cracking sound when the screams turned into mush on rocks below. Damien was consumed with regret, he had hoped the special potion they had consumed would have worked, amplifying the lucent DNA enough to interact with the old ways, but it didn’t.

Damien waited for a second impact that did not occur, which meant that Oscar was indeed lucent. As the number of human beings grounded to earth continues to increase, now that the neuron to brain fractal is complete, more and more individuals with begin to express, it was only a matter of time. The vile substance in the vial merely accelerated the process allowing old magic to once again interact with the vessel.

It was the lingering mist at the bottom of the hole that slowed them down, slowly reducing speed and if graceful enough landing soft as a feather.

Thomas was splattered on the rocks and Oscar didn’t like seeing all the blood. He immediately turned and tried to distance himself from the scene.

Damien landed softly next to Thomas’s remains. He felt bad and said, “I thought you had a plan mate,” Then he looked at Oscar wishing that he could exchange one life for another.

Oscar was too scared to say anything. He was scared knowing that Damien wasn’t normal anymore because they had somehow flown a bit while falling and were still alive.

In the hole, there was a narrow path in the rock. They walked through it, and even though it felt like a long way, they finally found the final room of rest. Damien knew it was a special place where the flesh of Alaxandar the Vicious was kept. Oscar was oblivious.

There was a big coffin that stood in the corner of the room. Damien released it from the binds and it toppled over with a loud clang. Revealed on the lid of the casket was a bowl with a jagged edge protruding from the bottom. Damien carefully removed the stone ark from his satchel and placed in in the bowl. He struck the rock with the hilt of his sword until it broke and thick red liquid oozed forth.

They waited for a minute, expecting something to happen, but Oscar didn’t think it was very exciting. “Is that all?” he asked.

“We must wait,” Damien said, finding a spot on the floor to lie down. “Things are going to change very quickly from this point forward, might be your last chance to rest.”

Oscar looked around at the dark and wet floor. He didn’t know what was happening, and they didn’t have anything with them to make camp.

“Try to rest,” Damien said again to Oscar, as he himself found a spot to lay down. The floor was uncomfortable, but Damien’s demeanor was confident that something important was going to happen and knew that the journey ahead would take all the energy they could muster.