A glimmer of light, so faint and thin, Danced on the walls, where they had just been. And there on a coffin, with an eerie flair, Sat a figure, half-formed, in the moist and gloomy air.

Damien subdued his head, for he knew respect was due. His master may have questions and he hoped his penance was through.

“Look up, my friend,” the form declared, and Damien looked up so, their eyes locked wide and whims ensnared and through them lifestream flowed.

Damien then obeyed, with his head hanging low, Years of service and submission his loyalty did show. No time to waste, the figure insisted having been cast to generations lost, for time’s a shame and time and a half was eventually forgot.

The figure got up with a creak and a groan, decay still hung from his decomposed bones. Closer it came, a bony hand did reach, to lift Oscar up, from his slumber so meek.

“Damien, I am Starting anew,” With energy newfound glory, the spirit was subdued.

Off they went, a curious trio to be, Alaxandar leading, with an odd sort of glee. They arrived at a ledge, where Thomas did rest, Mangled and broken, a sleep not at rest.

Alaxandar knelt, a spectacle so grand, Thomas jolted and jumped with the touch of a hand. And with evidence and fervor Thomas’s body was renewed, while Damien wrestled as witness to Alaxandar’s chosen few.

A brotherhood formed, unbreakable ties, Damien and Thomas, to the skies they would rise. Eternity beckoned, mysteries to explore, Together they’d face them, forevermore.