Some time ago lived Damien. He didn’t have a last name anymore because he had lived for a very long time and each century was more awkward than the one before.

Damien was on a big adventure to find something called the “ark.” This ark was a coveted stone that had something very important inside.

Today, Damien found the stone. It smelled like iron and earth, and he knew. He smelled something that reminded him of someone he knew. There was a memory in the smell.

Damien had a companion named Sir Albert Le Blanc. Sir Albert was young and rich, but he acted like he knew everything. He walked with Damien on this adventure. They were kind of like a team, but not the best of friends.

As Damien held the stone, something changed inside him. He made a choice, a big choice. Sir Albert kept talking and talking and talking and talking and talking, not noticing what was about to happen.

Then, in a quick moment, Damien did the unthinkable. He did something that stopped Sir Albert from talking forever. Like hitting the pause button on a record player Damien plunged his sword GraGory into Le Blanc’s flesh.

Everything was quiet. Sir Albert’s Le Blanc struggled, but the force of Damien had removed his final breath, his voice was gone forever.

Damien, much more at ease, turned his attention to securing the stone, and began the journey home.