In a land not too far away, lived a girl named Rose and a boy without a name. They walked together, covering a distance of about one mile, until they arrived at a house that belonged to a woman named Annie. Rose was strong-minded, and without hesitation, she entered Annie’s house, demanding to know who the boy was.

Rose started talking, her words filled with frustration. She said her special ability didn’t work when the boy was around, and she wasn’t sure if he was real. Annie tried to calm Rose down and soothe her worries. The boy’s name is Theodore, Theodore Burzinsky.

Theodore, quiet and without much expression, observed Rose and Annie silently. However, his emotions eventually overwhelmed him. Tears streamed down his face as he asked what was happening. He needed someone to help him understand.

Annie and Rose joined forces to reassure him. They shared the secret of The Organization, a hidden group Annie was part of. This organization had the task of watching over people like Rose (and now Theodore), and other people who had special abilities beginning to blossom. Their aim was to learn about these powers and provide assistance to those who had them. Though many questions remained, their main purpose was to help others.

Annie disappeared briefly and returned with a few items for the boy. She gave him a shirt, some soft flip flops, and a unique watch-like gadget called a warchive. This warchive could keep track of important moments and details.

With the boy now equipped, Annie and Rose informed him that it was time for him to share his own story. He took a deep breath, his heart pounding with a mixture of nervousness and anticipation. With Annie and Rose by his side, he felt ready to open up and begin this new chapter of his life.