In a land near or far, Walked Rose and a boy, no name for a star. To Annie’s house they made their way, What would happen? Who could say?

Rose burst in with fiery might, Who’s this boy? Shed some light! Annie calmed her down, soft and wise, Listen close, no need for cries.

The boys name was Theodore, Burzinsky was his pride. Emotions swirled inside of him just like the ocean tide. He asked a question, tears in tow, “What is all this?”

“I must know?”

Annie and Rose, a team so true, Shared a secret, a tale to construe. The Organization, hidden from sight, Helping people find their light.

Annie fetched items, one, two, and three. A shirt, used flip-flops, and a watch-like thing to see.

Strapped on his wrist, a recording device of sorts. The boy name Theo must now share his story as initiation into the courts. With a deep breath, his story takes flight while Annie and Rose, provide a guiding light.