In the hearth-room of Annie’s house, Theodore’s voice wove a tale that danced between reality and the extraordinary. Rose and Annie listened, their expressions a mixture of skeptical disbelief and cautious intrigue. After all, Rose possessed her own unique powers, so the idea of the extraordinary wasn’t foreign to them. However, the concept of a starportal, a phenomenon that fused time and space allowing one to pass through, seemed to push the boundaries of even their imagination.

“I promise, I’m telling the truth,” Theodore said, the urgency in his voice hinting at the seriousness of his words. Annie’s arched eyebrow betrayed her incredulity, prompting him to continue his narrative but Annie took the lead, her voice steady as she explained her affiliation with “The Organization.”

Annie’s transparency in discussing how they monitored people with unique abilities was a revelation that Theodore found both creepy and strangely comforting. In this hidden realm, where extraordinary was the norm, the boundaries of sanity were blurred. “Crazy,” Annie remarked with a wry smile, “is just part of the job.”

In the midst of their conversation, distant sirens wailed. No one in the room noticed.

Annie continued, explaining the device which she called an archive, – a watch-like gadget worn on the wrist that captured stories and events of significance with the help of a few watchers. The archive was a sentinel, listening to the darkness for echoes of the extraordinary.

Theodore’s fingers traced the contours of the device, an unnatural connection forming between him, Annie, and the mysterious organization she represented.

As the tale wound to its precipice, Rose’s impatience got the best of her. “Finish your story,” she demanded, her voice a mixture of urgency and intrigue. Her gaze locked onto Theodore, her curiosity insatiable.

Theodore cleared his throat, drawing a deep breath to steady himself. “I managed to escape with help,” he admitted, his words carrying the weight of a memory etched in fire. “The blonde girl, she helped me, and then everything spun into chaos.”

He recounted the blurred frenzy of the fight between the cat-like human and the woman in black. His words painted a swirling picture, the clash of strength and strategy interwoven like a tapestry of conflict. The moments were carved into his mind, as vivid as the reality he had lived. Theodore’s eyes flickered, drawn to the memory of the blonde girl freeing him from his restraints.

“How did you get a car then?” Rose interjected.

Theodore’s lips curled in. “The portal spit me out behind a store, and I stole an old ladies car while she was loading her groceries.”

Annie and Rose looked at each other.

“It wasn’t my best moment,” Theodore trailed off.

Annie’s gaze held a warmth that contrasted with the mysteries she represented. “You’re not alone in this, Theodore,” she assured him. The archive lay on his wrist, It symbolized a bridge between worlds, a path that held promise.

The trio’s shared moment was punctuated by the distant wail of sirens, a reminder that the world outside held its own secrets and uncertainties. As Theodore’s story unfolded, the boundaries of his reality expanded, and the promise of the unknown called to him, like a beckoning whisper echoing through the corridors of fate.