Theodore and Rose walked back to Roses house. They turned a corner and saw Rose’s house on fire! It was a scary sight. Fire trucks and police cars were there, but they couldn’t go closer. Rose tried to get past the security line, but she couldn’t. The cops held her back.

Theodore noticed a person in black. He felt worried. The people who had taken him before, were back. He felt trapped. Rose and Theodore knew they had to do something. They decided to fight the police so they could get arrested by the good guys and not caught by the bad guys.

They struggled with the police to cause trouble, trying to get away, but not really. They toyed with the police until they were finally caught them. They were put into the back of a police car. The police officer was talking, but they couldn’t hear him through the closed door.

Inside the car, it was hot and cramped. They were trapped, there was no way out.

“Now what?” Rose asked.

Theodore didn’t know what to do. He was scared.

Suddenly, there were explosions and Rose’s insight told her one was coming close. She warned Theodore just in time. The car windows shattered into tiny pieces, but they were safe.

A black SUV pulled up next to them. It was their chance to escape. Rose jumped out of the broken window, even with her hands still tied. Theodore followed her, less gracefully… and they both climbed headfirst into the SUV.

Annie was driving the SUV. She was calm and told them to hold on. The car sped away from the chaos, leaving the fire and danger behind.

The wind rushed past them as they left the troubles behind. They sat quietly for awhile, speechless.

Theodore tried not to cry.