In a city of rain and gloom, Two friends faced impending doom. Theodore and Rose, a daring pair, Ventured on with hearts laid bare.

Around the bend, a fiery sight, Rose’s home ablaze in the night. Fire trucks and cops were there, Chaos and worry filled the air.

Rose ran towards the fire’s heat, But guards held her back on the street. Theodore saw the figure in black, both of them knew that they must act.

Danger loomed, but nowhere to flea, To escape the capture, they must be captured indeed. They turned on the police, a risky choice, Using their strength, with no remorse.

Into the police car, they were thrown, Into the governments danger zone.

Rose asked, “what now, what do we do?” Theodore could barely reply, “I haven’t a clue.”

Explosions burst, was it the woman in black? Causing chaos and leaving no track. A shattering window,

a warning needed, heeded,

Saved they were, not to be defeated.

A black SUV pulled up nearby, Their chance to flee, to touch the sky. Rose jumped out, hands still tied, Theodore followed, all fear cast aside.

Annie was driving, her face serene, “Hang on tight,” she said with a beam. Away they raced from fire and strife, Leaving danger behind, embracing life.

In the wind’s embrace, they found relief, Escaping the turmoil, finding belief. Through twists and turns, they soared and flew, Theodore and Rose, a curious crew.