Once upon a time, there were three people on a plane – Damien, Thomas, and Oscar. They were flying over a pretty sunset, but things were about to get crazy.

Damien, the one in charge, said, “We’re almost there!” But when they looked out, there were trees and jungle, not an airport like they thought. “Where’s the place to land?” asked Oscar, the pilot.

Damien chuckled, “Did I forget to say it’s not a regular landing spot? But don’t worry, there’s a field…”

Oscar started to feel worried. “We can’t go back now,” he said, looking at Thomas, who was trying to stay calm.

“We’re going to crash!” Oscar said, scared about what was coming.

Damien wasn’t scared at all. “Nah, we’ll just land… violently”.

The plane came down, and it was really shaky. Oscar held onto the controls tight. The wheels hit the ground, but the plane’s bottom broke instantly, and the wing hit the dirt. The plane tilted and began to tear apart.

Things were chaotic inside the plane. It was loud and wild, parts of the plane were falling off, and it felt like a big roller coaster. Somehow, they made it through, though they were shaken.

Oscar was mad at Damien. He didn’t like being tricked into this dangerous situation. But Damien seemed excited. Thomas stayed in the rear of the convoy, feeling mixed up. He was glad they were safe, but he also felt like they were in trouble.

They all got out of the broken plane and stood in the jungle. It was really hot and sticky. They didn’t know what was next, but they were ready to face anything. As they walked into the thick forest, they knew they were stepping into a world full of secrets and adventures they hadn’t even imagined.