Oh, let me tell you a tale, so bold, Of three friends in a plane, or so I’m told. Up in the sky, they flew so high, Damien, Thomas, and Oscar, oh my!

“Almost there!” Damien cried with glee, But what they saw made them all agree, No landing spot, just a field with shrub so tall, “Where’s the place to land?” Oscar pleaded and called.

“Did I say ‘airfield’? My mistake! There’s a field for sure, and it’s sure not fake.”

Oscar felt worried, his heart raced fast, “We can’t turn back, oh dear, We might crash!”

The plane came down like a wild ride, Oscar held on, feeling quite angry inside, The wheels hit the ground, oh what a shock, The wing hit too, and tore apart the locks!

Inside the crew held on fast, like a whirlwind spree, Parts were falling off the cast. As they crashed Damien laughed with glee, and somehow they made it through that strife, Shaken but free.

Oscar was mad, his face was red, “Why trick us, Damien?” the angry man said. But Damien just laughed, like he was in a play, “It was just a bumpy landing,” he said, and was on his way.

Thomas sat quiet, feeling mixed up, Glad they were safe, but feeling a bit stuck.

What adventures awaited, they didn’t know, but Hesitantly into the jungle they decided to go.

Hot and sticky, the air was thick, In the jungle wild, they began to pick, Their path ahead, full of mystery and life, but none was Ready to face it, nor assume the price.