Annie was driving like a maniac with one hand on the wheel while trying to call a number on her phone with the other. Rose, who was sitting beside her, couldn’t help but complain, “Stop texting, Annie!” Rose was still handcuffed, but she managed to get her hands to the front to sit more comfortably.

Annie didn’t listen to Rose’s warning and finished dialing the number. Then, she put a tiny device in her ear, so only she could hear the person on the other end. “Talk to me, Murray. Where are we?” Annie asked after the call connected. “Yeah, I see it,” she said, making a right turn toward town.

In the backseat, Theo tried to copy Rose’s trick of getting his hands in front, but he got his cuffed stuck on the edge of his heel and started rolling around. Rose noticed and chuckled under her breath, not wanting to disturb him.

Suddenly, Rose turned her attention to Annie and shouted, “Don’t do it, Annie!” Annie seemed to ignore Rose and kept talking on the phone. “Are you sure? Those maps are… old,” Annie said.

Rose was using her ability to read Annie’s thoughts and didn’t like the plan that was unfolding. “45% success rate Annie,” Rose pleaded.

As they drove through a historic downtown with red brick buildings, Annie steered the car into a narrow alley and faced a dead end. Rose tried to open the door, but Annie locked it from her side. Rose turned to Annie, her eyes welling up with tears. “45% success rate, Annie. Those maps can’t be trusted.” She tried the door again, “45 percent.”

Theodore stayed quiet. He had finally managed to get his hands in front of him, but he was confused about the maps, and the plan, and where they were going. Annie and Rose spoke as if they were from another planet.

Annie calmly capitulated that this was a risky choice, but was also the fastest route to the druid. She looked at Rose straight in the eye and said, “If we make this jump, we’ll be heroes…”

“I’m already a hero,” Rose replied, sliding down into her seat.

Annie floored the gas pedal, and the car sped toward a brick wall. Theo shouted in fear as they approached the wall. For a split second everyone was convinced they were about to crash.

But instead of crashing, the car passed right through the wall and emerged in a beautiful field full of colorful flowers. It was a peaceful contrast to the chaos of the city. Everyone caught their breath as they took in the tranquility of the place.

“YYAAAHH BAABEEEYY!” Annie exclaimed slamming her fist against the steering wheel. Rose was still recovering from her fear, whispering, “45 percent” repeatedly to herself.

Theodore, curious and amazed, asked, “What was that?”

Annie stepped out of the SUV to retrieve her bag from the back. “Follow me,” she said “we’re off to see the Druid at the Gate,” she said with a new found energy in her step.

The all set off single file across the field, and into the woods.