Through tangled vines and foliage dense, Three travelers trekked, with no common sense. Damien, Thomas, and Oscar so dear, into a jungle wild, their fate obscured by fear.

“Oh, What we do for money!” Damien did exclaim, A promise of easy wealth turned to soured apples and shame. Oscar growled and grumbled for he knew what he had wrought. “I don’t trust you,” he yelled back, drug along in an autocratic plot.

“Worry not my friends,” Damien did jest, “Semantics, mere semantics, let me put your fears to rest.” Yet Thomas still felt doubt, a niggling in his brain, Did Damien say “field,” or was it “airfield” with no refrain?

They marched dead ahead, the jungle’s grip was unrelenting!

Till they reached a great chasm who’s depth’s were not consenting!

“Behold!” cried Damien, with vials of liquid in his hand, “A remedy so ancient, procured from a distant land. A taste to make you buoyant, light as a feather in the mist, so drink up my loyal companions, you don’t want to miss this.

They gulped the vials, the viscosity so strange, A pact formed between them, a brief moment of change. The vials hit the hollow ground, their choices had been made, For better or worse now cometh in a game they’d chose to play.

“Come close,” whispered Damien, with a grin so eager and wide, They all peered into the chasm and inched closer to the side.

Yet as Thomas wavered and attempted to retreat, Damien’s grip held firm and Thomas was thrown into the deep.

Oscar struggled more but his protests were in vain, Damien was stronger than strong, and so easily overcame.

With a heave and a toss, all three were in flight, Into the darkness they tumbled, deeper into the night. Down, down they all fell, a trio since betrayed, a plight known to be wretched, call it from above and come what may.

In the heart of the jungle, there was a lesson that was found, Discovered in the treacherous echoes of deceit’s darkest sound. A tale of trust shattered, a contrived friendship laid bare, In a land lacking discernment, the law is reader beware…